Two pieces of contrasting colored fabric, made from Ducklings tape

Step 1

Make two pieces of fabric with your Ducklings™ that are 8 in. long and 5 in. wide.

On chosen side, draw a text bubble and cut horizontal slits within the border of the text bubble that are .25 inches apart

Step 2

On one side, draw the shape of a text bubble. Cut horizontal slits in the bubble that are .25 in. apart.

Double sided strips that are .25 inches wide

Step 3

Make double sided strips of tape that are .25 in. wide. Repeat until you have enough to cover the bubble.

Weave the thin strips to create the text

Step 4

Weave your strips vertically through the slits in the bubble. Skip lines on the front to form your text.

Tape the back side of the woven fabric

Step 5

Tape the ends of your strips on the back of your fabric with a strip of tape.

Zipper taped in between the two pieces of fabric

Step 6

Line up the long sides of your fabrics with the zipper in between them. Tape the sides to your zipper.

Two pieces folded together and taped on the sides and bottom to create the pouch

Step 7

Fold your fabrics together so the text is on the outside and secure the 3 remaining sides with tape.