Hack #1 Refinish Mini Fridge

Refinish mini fridge with Adhesive Surfaces shelf liner for a modern makeover.

Shelf liner on mini fridge

Hack #2 Line An Accessory Cart

Use Smooth Top EasyLiner® on an accessory cart to keep items from moving.

Shelf liner on accessory cart

Hack #3 Keep Clothes in Place

Keep clothes from shifting in your dresser drawers with Select Grip shelf liner.

Shelf liner in dresser drawer

Hack #4 Decorate Bookcase

Dress up a boring bookcase with Adhesive Prints EasyLiner® on the back, sides or shelves.

Shelf liner on bookcase

Hack #5 Use on Couch Cushions

Place Select Grip shelf liner under couch cushions to keep them from sliding or moving.

Shelf liner on couch cushions

Hack #6 Cover Wire Shelves

Line wire shelves with Clear Classic EasyLiner® to keep items from falling through.

Shelf liner on wire shelves