How to Customize a T-Shirt Using Duct Tape

Make a Pennant

Create a temporary t-shirt design using duct tape and stand out at your tailgating event or party.

Supplies and Tools:

Duck® brand duct tape (any color or College Duck Tape®)


Utility knife
Cutting board

Skill Level:


Approximate Crafting Time:

30 Minutes

Step #1

Find a plain t-shirt, any color.

Step #2

Create a slogan, mascot, team logo or any other design using duct tape and apply to the front or back of the shirt. To get cleaner lines for your design, try using a cutting board and knife as opposed to scissors or tearing the tape.

Step #3

Proudly wear your new duct tape enhanced t-shirt.

Choose a background

Black Light Blue Dark Yellow Brown Magenta Green Gray Dark Purple Dark Blue Orange Red White Camouflage Totally Tie Dye

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