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Fun binder for school

Ducktivity provided by heartyaps

I was bored so i made this binder. And i think it came out good

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  • Step 1

    First cut a piece of tape as long as the binder. Cover both sides but dont cover the spine.then add a design on the front


  • missducttapequeen about 21 months ago
    thats how i started taping :)

  • kim.rodman.9 about 21 months ago
    Nice idea for students

  • PKozma about 21 months ago
    so pretty

  • chels025 about 21 months ago
    I like the initial on it. Cute idea!

  • betty.waldeck.10 about 21 months ago
    okay that is so eazy to do.

  • purpleemma about 22 months ago
    My binder has purple and pink zebra and the same plain colors, (Purple and Pink),and put black in between. It looks cool. I also made a huge flower and stuck it on my other binder.

  • dennelau000 about 28 months ago
    I really like your binder! i made one (before i had an account) with stripes with all my colors. to my surprise, i had to put tape on the inside. to an unrelated note, i love the flowers, and i am running out :(

  • liza3046 about 28 months ago
    so let me guess your name starts with an A

  • allybob about 28 months ago
    What's your name Allison??????