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Dalissa's Saved Ducktivities

  • Duck Tape® Coin Purse

    Put the fun back in funky with this new Ducklings™ mini roll printed coin purse!

  • Duck Tape® Owl Tote

    This patchwork tote is owl you need for spring and summer! Just follow these instructions and create…

  • Duck Prism® Egg Wreath

    Make your holiday decorations shine this year with your very own Duck Prism® egg wreath!

  • Duck Tape® Woven Basket

    This woven basket is the perfect decorative touch to your spring décor.  

  • Pencil Cup

    You can store lip balm,fake flowers,pens,pencils,glue sticks, scissors or any other school supplies …

  • Watermelon Wedge Purse

    A cute watermelon purse. The strap is pink and green, and the inside is white. I just followed the t…

  • Duct tape flower

    i wanted to see if it would work and it did

  • butterfly

    i made this for my sis she loves wallets

  • Ruffled Hand Bag

    If you were to make this, you need to be patient and have enough duct tape. It is a really cute bag!…

  • Penny Pockets

    I made these penny pockets for my kids to take to the pool with them. They always have pennies for d…

  • Duck tape zip pouch

    This cute pouch is created with Duck tape, and closes with a zipper. It is great for pens and pencil…

  • Duck tape beads

    I always have some scraps of tape laying around after a project, so why not make something else? I u…

  • Duck tape mini purse

    This mini duct tape purse is made with Duck brand tape and empty drink pouches. The bag has a flap …

  • Duck Tape Clutch Purse

    I made this cute little clutch purse out of Duck tape. I used the cheetah kisses pattern tape, edged…

  • Duck tape pencil box

    Cute little box for pens and pencils! I started by cutting the sides and bottom from an empty cereal…

  • Flower Hair Clip

    This is a simple hair clip that adds flair to any outfit!

  • Woven Women's Purse

    This is the same as a ducktivity posted by duck brand but made for me with my favorite colors! It t…

  • Large Flat Rainbow Flower

    Instead of building a flower with petals around a pen, I wanted to see how it would look working the…

  • ziplock pouches

    I love these cute pouches. They have a piece of a ziplock zipper in them to close the top. So many f…

  • Fun flower

    It is cute, awesome, and fun to use.

  • Flower Power

    I just made an order for a friend for 8 flowers and i've made two pens as well

  • Credit Card Wallet

    This one is for all the shoppers out there!!! I think your just going to love this idea! If you are …

  • Peacock trifold

    This is a super cute peacock tape and it makes a great pattern to use on a wallet!

  • Bow Tastic!

    A super cute and easy craft to make with duct tape. You can give it to a friend or keep it for yours…

  • Black and Leopard with Lace

    This is my first wallet. I attached a black lace flower (with leaves and stem) I found in a grab ba…

  • Coca Cola dress!!!!!

    It took about 2 days to make it (not working non-stop). My cousin and my friend helped me.

  • Zebra print wallet

    stylish wallet great for all ages there for sale.

  • Moustache

    Cute and girly

  • Handbag with Rose

    its a hand bag that even includes a little pocket on the inside!

  • Little Pink Giraffe Bow

    I made a small bow out of Duck Brand Pink Giraffe Duck Tape

  • quallets

    they are so adorable and are small enough to fit in a purse and very stylish

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