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Akiko's Saved Ducktivities

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Akiko's Submitted Ducktivities

  • Accordion wallet

    This small accordion wallet is perfect for kids and adults! You can add decorations on it.

  • Pencil cup

    This is a great craft for school and at home. You can put many pens and pencils.

  • Trifold

    This trifold has 4 pockets, 2 hidden pockets, a billfold, and an ID.

  • Bifold

    Wallets are one of the greatest things you can make with duct tape. There are different layouts you …


    This has 5 pockets an id and two hidden pockets. Also to make your wallet better cover the stickines…

  • Mini compisition notebook

    Really easy school craft anyone can enjoy!

  • Pencil pouch

    Why not make a colorful durable long lasting pouch? Way better than an old school pouch!