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Haley's Saved Ducktivities

  • Duck Tape® Locker Magnets

    Jazz up your school locker with these one-of-a-kind Duck® Tape locker magnets

  • Duck Tape® Flip Wallet

    Take the magic of Duck Tape® wherever you go with this customized flip wallet.

  • Duck Tape® Coin Purse

    Put the fun back in funky with this new Ducklings™ mini roll printed coin purse!

  • Duck Tape® Dry Erase Calendar

    Make organization fun again with this Duck Tape® calendar made with picture frames and your…

  • Duck Tape® Mutli-Card Holder

    Keep your items secure while covering them with the fun of Gummy Bears!

  • Duck Fabric® Owl Pouch

    Give a hoot what you put your belongings in this year with this playful owl pouch made with Duck Fab…

  • duct tape cart

    these plastic bins are so ugly I've always tried to hide them. I used to really hate them until I th…

  • Duck Tape® Calla Lily

    What's better than a flower you don't have to water? Follow these steps and use your favorite Duck T…

  • Duck Tape® Travel Game Kit

    Take the fun of Duck Tape® wherever you go! Combine and create your two favorite travel games us…

  • Duck tape Chapstick cozy

    I created this to keep me from losing my Chapstick. It worked so well, I made them for my kids too. …

  • Ruffled coin pouch

    This super cute coin pouch is an awesome addition to keep in your purse :)

  • Duck Tape® Flower Hair Clip

    Create a hair accessory that sticks to every fashion statement you make this year with this Duck Tap…

  • Duck Tape® Key Link Bracelet

    Link your favorite Duck Tape® colors and prints together with this fun bracelet.

  • Duck Tape® Wristlet

    Make a Duck Tape® wristlet for every occasion with these easy to follow instructions!

  • Sugar Skull of Duct Tape

    This is a Day of the Dead sugar skull made from duct tape and stuck to a duct tape drawstring purse!…

  • Duck tape coasters

    Quick and cute little project. For each coaster, I created duck tape fabric about 4 inches square (2…

  • Duck tape bookmarks

    Cut 2 strips of duck tape 6 inches long, place on top of each other. Trim edges where needed. Place …

  • Duct Tape Inside Out Wallet

    This is an easy duct tape craft. The steps are very simple, so enjoy making this fun and easy walle…

  • Duck Tape® Owl Tote

    This patchwork tote is owl you need for spring and summer! Just follow these instructions and create…

  • Credit Card Wallet

    This one is for all the shoppers out there!!! I think your just going to love this idea! If you are …

  • Duck Prism® Fishing Game

    With a variety of Duck Prism® crafting tapes, you'll be sure to get hooked on this fun and uniqu…

  • rose pen

    These flowers are made with how ever many colors of duct tape you want.I would stay at a limit if 5…

  • Duck Tape® Fortune Teller

    Create a game that is fit for all ages with this Duck Tape® fortune teller.

  • Duck Tape® Lace Cuff

    Turn simplicity into elegance with this  Duck Tape® lace cuff. Follow this design or create…

  • The Scream in Duct tape

    I made this for my Mom for Christmas

  • Duck Tape® Decorative Pillow

    Don’t throw away an old or torn pillow - make it new again with Duck Tape®! Just follow th…

  • Duck tape pattern sampler

    I think this is really good to show people how many patterns you have ;)

  • Dimond back Backpack

    I love crafts and when I learned you could make them out of duct tape I was all for it. My favorite…

  • Paris

    Decided to do a Paris theme on a picture frame to decorate a bedroom.

  • star burst lamp

    I took my old lamp and a duck tape bombed it. i covered the post in triangles to make it look like a…

  • duct tape bookmark

    this craft is good for school and keeping the place of books pages

  • Duck Tape® Ruffled Necklace

    Celebrate Mom and all that she does with a handmade Duck Tape® accessory that will last forever!

  • Head phone holder

    I use these when I go on trips, I like having a holder so I know where they are.

  • Ducktape decorated wallet

    Don't throw away an old or stained wallet. Decorate it with Duck tape! I decorated a wallet with lot…

  • zig-zag women's wallet

    For this wallet I used the hot pink and black duct tape. It has 2 bill-folds, 5 card pockets, and 1 …


    Cute purse made from duck tape and jeans the wallet is all ducktape

  • duck tape diary

    i coated my diary in duck tape to give it a more original look

  • flower pencil

    Rombow,swirly duck tape flower!!

  • Duck Tape® Book Cover

    Add a funky twist to your back-to-school supplies with this Duck Tape® book cover.

  • Pretty Flower

    1. Start by chosing your favorite color of duck tape and making it 20 inches long.2. carefully fold …

  • Mod Dress

    WE made duck tape dresses at my daughter's 13 birthday party which I held at the Hotel Colorado. A …

  • Jacis Dress

    i had an art show i needed to go and i have a duct tape company. i make bookbags, flowers, purses an…

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Haley's Submitted Ducktivities

  • Swirl Flower

    The pedals on this flower are put in a spiral shape instead of the regular flower pattern.

  • Loop Bracelet

    Linked together are some pieces of blue and moustache duck brand duct tape.

  • Flower Thumb Tacks

    Duct tape flower on a thumb tack.

  • Duct tape photo frame

    you can use a dry erase marker and write any message on it or even keep notes on them!!!

  • flower bouquet

    a bouquet of the flowers me and my sister made.

  • Duck Tape Keychain

    here are some of my key chains that I made.

  • Duck Take Pen Holder

    I took an old and empty pringles can and put duck tape on it!

  • Jewelry Box

    I took my old jewelry box with lots of scratches on it and covered it and it drawers with purple and…

  • Duck Tape Core Bracelet

    After you are all done with a roll of tap, why throw the core away? I used it to make a bracelet! I …

  • Clipboard

    This was actually one of my first things that I taped. I took some of my tape and I just covered my…

  • Duct tape notebook

    I took one of my duck tape sheets and put it on my school notebook and then I had to put an extra st…

  • duck tape flower

    You just make a regular flower. Thats what I did.

  • Duct tape gift bow

    I took strips of printed duck tape and I looped them onto each other and then I put a brad in the mi…

  • Flowers In A Mason Jar

    I have an over abundance of these duct tape flowers so I wanted to find a neat way to show them off.

  • Leopard Cone Wreath

    We had so much fun putting this one together!!

  • Accordion Wallet

    I made this accordion wallet. It has two pouches in it. It is not completely done because I have to…

  • Washi Tape Chapstick Cover

    All I did was tape around my chapstick to create this cute little cover. You can use anything for t…

  • Computer Tape

    I put strips of my Duck Washi Tape over the outside of my school computer. I used the Washi Tape so …

  • Ducktape Ball

    I have been saving all of the scraps from when I craft with tape and just made a huge ball out of it…