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Julianne's Submitted Ducktivities

  • Duct tape paintings

    Awesome duct tape paintings of Justin Bieber. They take awhile to make but they look great when you …

  • Duct tape color swatches

    Duct tape color swatches so you know what colors you have without getting out all of your tape! When…

  • Duct tape wallets

    cute and colorful duct tape wallets. make some for yourself and pass them out to friends and family!

  • Duct tape women's wallet

    Women's wallet with 6 card holders, 1 big coin pouch and 2 bifolds

  • Woven coin pouch

    Blue and white woven coin pouch, or bills, receipts... Anything you want!

  • Baseball wallet

    Blue and white baseball wallet!

  • Pencil pouch

    Duct tape pencil pouch using Minnie Mouse tape!

  • Duct tape purse

    Woven duct tape purse

  • Bracelet

    Braided duct tape bracelet

  • womens wallet

    super cute womens duct tape wallet

  • Drawers

    Organization drawers spiced up with duct tape!

  • Notebook

    Duct taped notebook, looks so much cuter than a plain one!

  • woven purse

    woven purse with a button added for a little extra jazz!

  • wallet

    blue and brown striped wallet

  • cute wallet

    cute polka dot wallet with pink trimming

  • Coin pouch

    Cute duct tape coin pouch with Velcro to close it

  • Matching wallets

    Cute matching duct tape wallets. Maybe one for you and a friend, or a sister.

  • Flower

    Cute flower with a clip glued to the back so you can clip in your hair or to a bag, whatever you wan…

  • womens wallet

    cute fold open womens wallet with velcro to close it

  • bifold wallet

    an older wallet i made

  • bow pencils

    duct tape pencils with bows taped to the top

  • spiral rose

    cute rainbow spiral rose on top of a pencil

  • purse

    cute woven purse with a little flower taped to the top

  • hair bow

    blue hair bow with a little clip attached to the back

  • keychain

    duct tape keychain