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Mckensey's Saved Ducktivities

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Mckensey's Submitted Ducktivities

  • Duct tape folder

    I took a an old beat up folder and made it stylish and more sturdy. it had so many tares in it, but …

  • Duct tape rose pen

    This beautiful rosé pen will come in good use and is fashionable

  • Coin bank

    This cute coin holder is just a Kleenex box covered in cute duct tape. It's very useful.

  • Duct tape ruffle purse

    This purse is a fashionable, useful to carry around essentials

  • Duct tape wallets

    These wallets will hold 2 gift cards and dollar bills and are also super fashionable

  • Handbags

    These handbags are super duper cute and easy to carry around. Also it has super cute buttons!!!

  • Bookmark

    These book marks are very cute and easy to find in your book, they have very bright colors

  • Key rings

    These key rings make it easier to find your keys in your purse (if you have a purse

  • Hair bows

    These are cute hair bows that you can put in you're hair. They are very stylish and very easy to mak…

  • DIY locker/desk organizer

    This super cool space saver will keep your essentials organized

  • Woven wallet

    This supper cute woven wallet is easy to make and lots of fun to show off!!!

  • Doll dress

    I used some duct tape and made a stylish dress for my sitters doll

  • Duct tape wall decals

    I took some duct tape sheets and made letters for my wall

  • Duct tape medicine holder

    I took and old gum dispenser and made it into a useful tool

  • Duct tape bookmark

    I needed a bookmark for school so I decided to make one

  • Duct tape letters

    I spelled the word love in duct tape