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sophia's Saved Ducktivities

  • Duck Tape® Ribbon Card Holder

    ‘Tis the season for all things Duck Tape® and what a better way to start than with this fe…

  • Duct Tape Hanging Santa

    I created this Duct Tape Santa from my own design. It takes a long time to put together, but is wel…

  • Duck Tape® 3D Star

    Top off your tree this year with the fun of Duck Tape®! This 3D star is the perfect decoration f…

  • check book

    1.make your ducktape fabric 6 1/2x6 1/2 2.make your pockets as tall as your checks and make them 6 …

  • Little Christmas Tree

    I just finished this little Christmas tree for my Son this morning - He loved it and he can't wait f…

  • Duck Tape® Top Hat Headband

    Top off any outfit with style! Follow these instructions and accessorize for your own special occasi…

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