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Shannan's Saved Ducktivities

  • Duck Tape® Santa Calendar

    Make the anticipation of the holidays fun and festive! Create your own Duck Tape® calendar and g…

  • Duck Tape® Leaf Table Runner

    This festive fall craft will add fun flavor to all of your season celebrations.

  • Heart Journal

    This is a small journal covered in heart duck tape.

  • Duck Tape® Feather Earrings

    Create your own Duck Tape® feather earrings and make a statement that really sticks to your pers…

  • Duck Tape® Gift Tag

    Customize gift tags for every occasion this year with your favorite holiday Duck Tape® colors an…

  • Duck Tape® Ribbon Card Holder

    ‘Tis the season for all things Duck Tape® and what a better way to start than with this fe…

  • Duck Tape Dorm Fridge!

    My roommate and I got a Fridge for our dorm room in college and we were not too happy about the bori…

  • Duck Fabric® Owl Pouch

    Give a hoot what you put your belongings in this year with this playful owl pouch made with Duck Fab…

  • Duck Glitter® Jar

    Want the glitz and glam without the mess? Stick with Duck Glitter® crafting tape and transform a…

  • Duck Tape® Flower Hair Clip

    Create a hair accessory that sticks to every fashion statement you make this year with this Duck Tap…

  • Duck Tape® Core Bracelet

    Recycle your Duck Tape® into a fun and funky fashion accessory! Here's a simple way to show how …

  • Duck Tape® Tri-fold Clutch

    This Duck Tape® tri-fold clutch has storage for all of your personal belongings. Just choos…

  • checkered backpack

    I actually use this for school. I've gotten at least ten offers to buy it. Maybe I could make a busi…

  • Duck Tape® Tombstone

     Turn your yard into a haunted graveyard this Halloween with Duck Tape® tombstones.  F…

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Shannan's Submitted Ducktivities

  • BookMark

    This is a really simple project measure out 2 strip's of duck tape and lay them both sticky side to …

  • Change Purse

    Take about 4 or five strips of Duck Tape and measure them all out to the same length and over lap th…

  • KeyChain

    It's easy to make just take strips of Duck Tape any size any variety and simply fold them in half lo…

  • Catch All

    It's basically a catch all or you could even use it for a little clutch/purse.

  • Basic Wallet

    Basic Wallet

  • Advanced Wallet

    This is an advanced version of the typical wallet.

  • Cute Wallet

    Acute,fun little wallet.