1. Create your own photo booth frame by covering a foam core or poster board with glitter tape. 


2. Add some color to the top of your party hats with strips of double sided washi tape. 


3. Design an easy glitter backdrop for your decoration table or for a DIY photo background. Just sandwich a piece of string together with two circular or shaped pieces of glitter tape and you have your very own decoration.


4. Create your own invitations with washi tape. 


5. Cover card stock or poster board with glitter tape, add a dowel rod and you have your very own party masks for a photo booth or just for fun. 


6. Glitter tape makes the perfect DIY bow for your presents.


7. Drink straws are a great way to add more decoration. Create your own with strips of glitter tape or add a personalized message to the front of your glasses.


8. Use washi or glitter tape to create your own cake topper. Add your own designs or patterns to dowel rods and string. 


9. Want to make your drinks a little sweeter? Add decorated rock candy to cups for your guests to choose from. 


10. Stirring straws are a simple way to add some DIY flair to your party. 


11. Make your own banner for your table or wall with washi tape and string.

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