1. "Whale" You Go to Prom Poster

Some balloons, poster board and Duck Tape® are all you need for this whale-y good promposal idea... Hang it up on a locker, classroom wall or their front porch to ask the big question!

Promposal poster with blue balloons, pink whale and blue duct tape asking someone to prom.

2. Vote "Yes" Promposal Poster

We vote "yes" for this straight-forward promposal creation, which lets your hopeful date respond on the spot with a duct tape checkmark.

Male student holding a promposal poster made out off duct tape that allows his date to check yes or no.

3. Promposal Poster for Locker

A Duck Tape® inspired promposal poster made out of duct tape? This is right up our alley! Plus, it fits right in a locker for the perfect "will you go to prom with me" surprise.

Promposal poster made out of duct tape that fits in a locker, asking someone to prom.