8 Ways to Use Chalkboard Tape Around the House


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Step 1

Kitchen jars are a great start to labeling and organizing your home.

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Step 2

Cut out designs from chalkboard tape to make a container for your dog (or cat) treats.

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Step 3

Display your favorite herbs or plants with glass jars from your local craft store. Create unique labels with messages or what’s inside so you can keep track.

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Step 4

Your craft or home office can always use some extra organization. Make your own creative labels for your supplies or materials.

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Step 5

No need to spend a lot of money to store you or your kid’s things. Adding a chalkboard label outside a wooden or plastic box can be added to your

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Step 6

Transform a traditional picture frame into a writable chalkboard surface.

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Step 7

Create a menu from a cutting board.