Duct Tape and Dad: A Dynamic Duo for Everyday Repairs

From torn teddy bears and damaged tablets to leaky toilets and wobbly table legs, duct tape and dad will save the day. A new survey from Duck® brand, maker of Duck Tape® brand duct tape, revealed that 87% of fathers consider themselves the family’s handyman, ready to swoop in with duct tape as their favorite fix-all. In fact, 95% of dads keep a roll nearby, whether on their workbench or in their toolbox.

The versatile tool empowers Mr. Fixit to tackle projects from ordinary to extraordinary. 91% of father figures have wielded the sticky stuff to mend something around the house, including everything from car bumpers and doorknobs to sneakers and toys, with 63% saying duct tape is their go-to tool for a quick repair.

“The survey confirms what we’ve long known – that duct tape is a favorite fix-all for dads everywhere,” says Kerry Haugh, Director of Product Marketing, Duct Tapes at Shurtape Technologies, LLC, the company that markets the Duck® brand. “Duct tape is more than just a tool; it’s an innovative solution that fathers know they can rely on – so much so that they pass it down through the generations.”

The bond between dads and duct tape is a time-honored tradition. A heartfelt 71% of fathers recall watching their own dad use duct tape to restore cherished items like phones, fishing rods, lawn mowers and light bulbs. The legacy of ingenuity and resourcefulness is one that 82% of dads hope to pass down to their children, with 74% of respondents saying that they’ve seen their dads repair something around the house with duct tape.

With Father’s Day approaching, it may be the perfect time to refill dad’s duct tape stash. In fact, 63% of people typically give practical gifts, like tools, outdoor gear and home improvement items, to their old man on Father’s Day. Gift givers can give dad the best with Duck Max Strength® Brand Duct Tape - a strong and tough tape for all his repair needs. When a discreet fix is needed, make sure he has Color Duck Tape® on hand to aesthetically patch rips in clothing, cracks in toys and leaks in household appliances.

*Survey conducted by Duck® brand in June 2024 polled 1,000 dads to learn about their DIY skills and home improvement preferences.