How-To Organize a Duck Tape® Party


Party 2

Step 1

Pick a theme: Choosing a specific theme isn’t always necessary, but it will help you focus on what decorations to create, what food to make and what crafts or party favors to include. Sit down with your child and write down his or her interests and see what sticks! Then, choose coordinating colors and prints to go along with that theme – like Spongebob Squarepants or, for a more general idea, a luau party featuring the Pineapple and Sunshine Delight print.

Party 1

Step 2

Make a to-do list: To make party-planning easier, nail down the basic questions you’ll need to address before you start. Have your child decorate your to-do list with Duck Tape to make the planning process more fun for them. You can also make your list interactive, by having the child pick out inspiration photos or marking off dates in a calendar.

Party 6

Step 3

Make invitations: Have your child help with decorating the party invitations so they can get excited about their party. Your child can pass these out at school or you can mail them with decorative envelopes. They can also match the theme or décor of your party too.

Party 5

Step 4

It's time to decorate! Get your kids involved with creating custom decorations for the party. They can help with creating signs, themed confetti (depending on the age), happy birthday banners and more. You can even create your own personalize decorations like pictures of your child.

Party 3

Step 5

Plan games: What’s a party without games? You can make simple, quick games with around-the-house items and Duck tape. Make a tic-tac-toe board, a bowling game or puzzle or decorate building blocks to keep the kids busy and entertained during the party. You can also have the kids help make the games and take them home as a party favor.

Party 8

Step 6

Crafting corner: Besides games, having crafts for the kids makes the party more interactive and fun. Turn toilet paper rolls into crowns or party hats or make bracelets or Duck Tape flowers. Keep the extra items simple and use things around the house to make the crafts easy and age appropriate. Use these print outs to make party masks or create your own photo booth characters so the kids can have a memory to take home after the party.

Party 4

Step 7

Make the party favors interactive: You and your child can make already put together gift bags for guests to take home with them or you can have your guests be a part of the fun. Set out candy or toys with Duck Tape labels so the kids can choose what items to put in their goody bags. You can even tie up the bags with customized Duck Tape twist ties.

Party 7

Step 8

Last minute gift-wrapping