Get to know Anna, The Queen of Tape


Q: Tell me about yourself. What is your background?

"I first discovered art as a young child trying to find an outlet for my feelings/stress/and to block out my surroundings. I found the beauty of art while moving from foster home to foster home and its ones of the things that has stuck with me ever since. I majored in it in college and made it my main career. It brings me a lot of happiness."

Q: What materials do you use? Do you incorporate duct tape into your projects? If so, how?

"I just use tape and only tape. I've always been adamant about that. I mostly use duck tape but many times I will incorporate other tapes like masking tape, electrical tape, packaging and the new ones they have come out with."

Q: Why do you like to use duct tape?

"I like using duct tape because it's different. When I was trying to find a different medium I was tying to think out of the box. I then found tape."

Q: How/Why did you get into what you do?

"Right out college, there where no jobs to be found especially in the field that I was going into. I had some free time and in that time I did a lot of art. I wanted to find something different and not be like everyone else."

Q: What inspires you/How do you find inspiration?

"Sports inspire me so much. I competed in sports as long as I can remember and I also loved doing art. I was good at both surprisingly. I'm lucky that I can combine both my passions into one thing. Making a piece of artwork for me is like an athlete that works so hard to get where they want to be and, when they get to the top, the outcome is priceless. It reflects all the hard work they did to get that gold medal or World Series trophy. I will step back after I'm done with a piece I've put countless hours in and it's so rewarding to see the end result. I love when my hard work gets me to places like presenting one of my childhood sports hero my artwork as her retirement gift. That I will forever remember."

Q: What motivates you to continue to create?

"I always want to see what's next. It's an exciting feeling and I've always had the feeling of never wanting to settle. Good isn't good enough. There's always more to accomplish. I always want to reach new goals and be one of a kind."

Q: How is your personality reflected in your work?

"I like to create things related to sports. Some of my best works have been produced that way because it's what I truly love. The fact that I can combine art and sports is the best of both worlds for me."

Q: How do you work? What is your creative process?

"I've changed my ways so many times as I've grown as an artist but I believe I finally found my method. I freehand sketch my vision and use that sketch as my guideline. I then cut out the tape with craft knife and peel away what I didn't need."

Q: What do you love most about what you do?

"Definitely the personal reward at the end. That final moment where you step back from your work and look at the final piece and just say "wow." That's an amazing feeling. And, seeing the smiles on my customers faces."

Q: Do you have a favorite piece you’ve created? Why?

"My favorite would probably be my "Goldie locks" series. It's one of my first original pieces that really identifies me as a true artist. When people see those pictures of that series they know it's my work."

Q: How do you use your imagination with what you do?

"My imagination never stops running. Sometimes I won't fall asleep because I'm thinking about what I can do next or what I can fix or change in a current project. The moment I discovered tape is the same concept I use when creating a project. "What has no one else ever come up with?" That's how I started my "Goldie Locks."

Q: What is the most challenging part about being a creator?

"Having people be able to identify your work without looking at your signature and becoming one of a kind."

Q: How do you overcome creative blocks?

"Sometimes you just have to walk away from the studio for some time. Go for a walk and just forget about art. Then come back and get back into the zone."

Q: What role do you as a creator have in society?

"I believe I need to show people in my field that it's possible to be able to do what you love as a job and to overcome the stigma of the "starving artist". Also, I want to be able to show young kids that are in the position I used to be as a young child that there are positive outlets to use like creating art. I want to teach them to channel feelings through art and not violence and show them that they can become a success."