Lifestyle image of duck tape rolls, present wraps, and ornaments

Give your presents the personal touch with classic DIY wrapping!

Idea 1: Leaves

Give your gifts an earthy look with Duck Tape leaves and twine.

A present decorated with leaves made out of Duck Tape.
A present decorated with green Duck Tape leaves.

Idea 2: Gift Bag

A paper bag decorated as a reindeer.

Use Duck Tape to create a little holiday magic by transforming boring gift bags into beloved Christmas characters!

Idea 3: Gift Tag

A present decorated with Duck Tape light bulbs
A wooden gift tag with gold Duck Tape on it.

Admit it: you always forget to buy gift tags. But Duck Tape saves the day with easy-to-make DIY holiday tags!

Idea 4: Duck Tape Wrapping

How do you create irresistible packages that your family can’t wait to open? Wrap every gift in the bold colors and styles of Duck Tape!

A group of presents wrapped in colored Duck Tape
Small gifts wrapped with red colored Duck Tape, next to a roll of Duck Tape.
Gifts wrapped in black, chalk board Duck Tape.