Top 5 Ways to Decorate for Back to School


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Step 1

Cut out pieces of washi tape and add it to your keyboard.

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Step 2

Use magnetic jars to hold your school supplies. Add chalkboard tape to the outside to label or decorate.

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Step 3

Use dry erase tape to jars or containers to make your own pencil or supplies holder.

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Step 4

Cover a letter from your favorite craft store with your kid’s favorite color or pattern for easy DIY décor.

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Step 5

Cut out circles from your chalkboard to make a writable calendar.

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Step 6

Add color and labels to old notebooks or binders.

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Step 7

Washi tape makes an easy, writable label for small containers.

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Step 8

Add prism tape to magnetic strips to create your own magnets.

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Step 9

Add your own personalized message with your photos or create a cool design on pieces of corkboard.