Tip: Before making these St. Patrick's Day t-shirts, visit our How To: St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt tutorial for helpful hints.

1. Duck Tape® St. Patrick's Day Pins

Keep it super simple! Use some duct tape and a few safety pins to craft a green accent that can be instantly added to any outfit.

A collection of St. Patrick's Day pins made with colored Duck Tape

2. Shamrock T-Shirt

Create a Duck Tape® shamrock that can stick to a t-shirt you already have at home. Use different Duck Tape colors to create a unique style.

A green t-shirt with a gold shamrock on it.

3. Rainbow St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt

Start with a Duck Tape shamrock, then create a colorful rainbow to finish the look. Just layer duct tape strips on top of each other to create the colorful statement piece! Try it on your sleeve or on the back of your t-shirt for something even more interesting.

A white shirt with a rainbow sleeve and a green shamrock on it.