5 Kitchen Organization Techniques with Duck® Chalkboard Tape


5 Ways Chalkboard Labels 3

Step 1

Create labels for your woven baskets. Cut a circle out of a piece of cardstock or foam core board. Cover it with Duck® Chalkboard and, using twine, attach it to the front of your basket.

5 Ways Chalkboard Spices

Step 2

Cut out labels for your magnetic spice jars. Using magnetic jars, cut half circles from your tape to create labels so you can see what spice is inside.

5 Ways Chalkboard Herbs 1

Step 3

Label your herbs. Create a label for each of your planters using a wooden box and a strip of tape.

5 Ways Chalkboard Menu

Step 4

Make a writable surface from a cutting board. Using a cutting board as a menu or grocery list is a great way to re-purpose and recycle.

5 Ways Chalkboard Labels 2

Step 5

Create a fun label for your pet food. Cut out a fun design from your chalkboard tape to create a one-of-a-kind label.