HACK #1 - Customized Binder Clips

2 rolls of duct tape with binder clips

From holding together piles of papers, crafts and/or folders, binder clips are a must have around the classroom. By adding a little bit of Duck Tape®, these binder clips can turn into a one-of-a-kind organizational tool.

All you have to do is place a small piece of colored or printed Duck Tape® to the top part of the clip and cut around the edges to fit. Then, label the clip with a subject or topic by writing on it with a permanent marker or adding another strip of duct tape.

Hack #2 - Duck Tape® Corner Bookmark

A roll of duct tape on top of a notebook with a duct tape bookmark

Stop using scrap pieces of paper for your bookmarks and step up your reading game with a Duck Tape® corner bookmark!

Simply cut a corner off an envelope to create a triangle. Next, place two pieces of duct tape on both sides of the triangle while leaving the bottom open. Then, cut the excess tape around the edges and slide it onto the corner of the page of your go-to page-turner.

Hack #3 - Durable Zippered Activity Bag

A roll of duct tape on top of a bag wrapped in duct tape

Do you find your re-sealable zipper storage bags ripped only after a few uses? To extend the life of these, simply cover them with duct tape to create a durable re-sealable activity bag that's likely to last all year long.

These organizational hacks were provided by Catherine C. from @classroomcreations, who shares tips and tutorials for teachers.