Crafting Tip 1

Step 1

If you don’t have a crafting board, make sure you use a laminated surface and avoid any wood surface

Crafting Tip 2

Step 2

To cut your tape easily, try a titanium non-stick blade like Duck Edition Fiskars scissors. For easier cutting, place the tape end on the edge of your surface and use it to make a clean cut on the other side.

Crafting Tip 3

Step 3

Great supplies to have on hand when using Duck Tape with your kids: hook and loop fastener, bobby pins, straws, string, poster board or heavier duty paper, pencils and pens

Crafting Tip 4

Step 4

Fun supplies for kids to cover – cereal boxes, cardboard boxes, straws, flat sticks, plastic containers, pencils/pens

Crafting Tip 5

Step 5

Duck Tape® Sheets are a great way to draw letters, shapes and designs. pulling the backing off of the sheet may be difficult – help your child pull it slowly off by pressing the backing of the sheet on the table as you pull from one corner. don’t let your child cover the surface with the sheet all at once – cover one area at a time.

Crafting Tip 6

Step 6

Ducklings® mini rolls are great for trimming and finishing off projects. If your child has not crafted with Duck Tape, start with Ducklings so they can learn how to tear, cut and work with the adhesive.