Personalize your Christmas tree with these awesomely easy-to-make Duck Tape ornaments!

Idea 1: Popsicle Stick Snowmen & Snowflakes

Popsicle snowflake ornaments hanging in a tree.
Popsicle stick snowman ornaments

You don’t need to go out in the cold to make a snowman – you don’t even need snow! Use popsicles and Duck Tape to create snowflakes and pals for Frosty that won’t ever melt!

Idea 2: Circle Ornament

Circle ornaments made with Duck Washi tape

Create simple and captivating circle ornaments for your tree with the colors and patterns on Duck Washi Crafting Tapes.

Idea 3: Clear Ball Ornament

A clear ball ornament filled with Colored Duck tape.

Fill up clear ball ornaments with strips of colorful Duck Washi and Duck Glitter Crafting Tapes to create festive tree decorations!

Idea 4: Christmas Light Bulb

Ornament Light Bulb hanging in a tree.

These little Duck Tape light bulbs will add some shine to your tree – no electricity required! Combine brightly colored tapes to create retro bulb ornaments everyone will love!

Idea 5: Mini Stocking

Mini stocking ornament made with red colored Duck Tape.

Create these mini stocking ornaments using Duck Tape and Duck Glitter. Remember: hang them on the tree, not by the chimney. Hanging them with care is optional; they’re not fragile.

Idea 6: 3D Snowflake

3D Snowflake ornament
3D snowflake ornament hanging up

Cover your tree with three-dimensional DIY snowflake ornaments! Create a blizzard of patterns and designs with colorful Duck Washi Crafting Tapes!