DIY duct tape hand sanitizer holder on a book bag, by The Craft Patch

For this project, we teamed up with Jennifer from The Craft Patch, who loves to share creative ideas and inspiration for everyone. And, we must say, these Duck Tape® hand sanitizer holders do not disappoint.

To get started, Jennifer gathered the following supplies:

  • Printed Duck Tape®
  • Hand Sanitizer (any small bottle with a lid)
  • Hook and loop dots
  • Metal Clasp (check out her top picks)
  • Scissors or a Rotary Cutter + Mat
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil
Supplies needed for a DIY hand sanitizer holder from the Craft Patch.

And, now it's time to make your hand sanitizer holder.

  1. First, measure the size of your hand sanitizer bottle. Wrap the measuring tape all the way around the bottle, not including the lid. Add 1 in. to this measurement.
  2. Next, cut two strips of duct tape to the length you just measured. Stick the two pieces together so that both sides show the prints or colors. Trim off any extra parts so that no edges are sticky.
  3. Measure approximately 1.5 in. down from one edge and make a small pencil mark. Trace the bottle lid so that the top of the circle hits the 1.5 in. mark. Round over the edges above the circle.
  4. After that, place the bottle lid through the hole and wrap the bottle. Mark the bottom center of the bottle lightly with a pencil.
  5. This step will be different depending on which type of clasp you are using. For a D-Ring or a keychain, cut two small holes in the tape on your pencil mark and slide the rings through. The Flat D-Ring should fit over the entire width of the tape — just secure it into place with an extra piece of Duck Tape on the inside of the holder.
  6. Add hook and loop dots to the inside of the flap and the top of the front piece. Slide the bottle lid into the circular hole, wrap the holder around the Duck Tape, then fasten it into place with the Velcro.

And, that's it! Find out more about this hand sanitizer holder project and explore the rest of Jennifer's fun-filled tutorials.