Throwing a Halloween party for your kids or classroom doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are DIY ideas to make your own decorations without spending a lot of money.

1. DIY banners are a simple way to add fun to your party. Create duct tape Halloween pendants and attach them to twine or string to make your own banner or write your own message on the front.

A banner made of Duck Tape that says Happy Halloween

2. Add duct tape to balloons to make spooky, or fun, ghosts. You can also put glow sticks inside the balloons to make then glow in the dark

A balloon with a Duck tape ghost face on it, next to a pair of scissors and a roll of Duck Tape.
Three white balloons with ghosts faces on them

3. Plastic cups and duct tape – that’s all it takes to make unique candy holders for party favors.

Four cups decorated as monsters with Duck Tape.

4. Transform kids food cups into Halloween faces by cutting out duct tape faces and matching it with the right color.

Jell-O cups with Halloween faces on them.

5. Cut out duct tape bats and stick them to your windows or on a lantern to add a spooky, but cheaper, touch to your seasonal decorations. Check out how to make these bats.

A lantern decorated with black Duck Tape bats.
Duck Tape® Bat Decorations for Halloween

6. Create your own pumpkin designs without the mess. Use plastic pumpkins to your home and classroom so you can enjoy your design every season, too.

White plastic pumpkins decorated with black Duck Tape.
A banner that says Trick or Treat

7. Cover a box with duct tape, add a face and you have your own DIY tissue box.

A tissue box covered with green Duck Tape and a monster face.

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