Back to school homework space for kids with Duck Tape, by Crafts By Courtney.

For this project we partnered with Crafts by Courtney, a creator of fun DIY kids and home decor projects.

To get started, Courtney gathered the following supplies:

Project #1 — Cork Board and Dry Erase Board

For this project, Courtney simply wrapped the sides of the dry erase and cork board in Duck Tape® for an extra pop of color.

Project #2 — Paper Tray

While functional, a paper tray doesn't always scream fun. So, Courtney covered the sides of the tray with duct tape and now has a designated spot for loose leaf paper, review sheets and other homework papers.

Project #3 — Pencil Holder

Every homework station needs a pen or pencil holder, but you can keep it simple. Add a strip of tape around the middle for a colorful accent.

Project #4 — Pencil Box

Here's another fun makeover, this pencil box. Courtney followed the same process as the paper tray, adding tape to the top, letting some hang over the edge and trimming off any excess.

School supplies box covered with Duck Tape, by Crafts by Courtney.

Project #5 — Pencil Pouch

Add three strips of Duck Tape® across the front of the pencil pouch. Then flip over and wrap the edges around the back. Repeat on the other side for a finished look.

Project #6 — Notebook

Finally, it's time to give this composition notebook a new look. Just like the other projects, Courtney added strips of tape down the front leaving extra hanging over and folded over any excess.

School notebook covered with Duck Tape, by Crafts By Courtney.

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