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For this project, we teamed up with Jennifer from The Craft Patch, who loves to share creative ideas and inspiration for everyone!
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Create the Box

1. Create two strips of Duck Tape® that measure 3 in. x 15 in., these strips will make up the inside layer of the box. For each strip, simply cut the tape to the above length and layer the tape s

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4. Stick the two outside layer strips together to form a T-shape by pressing the sticky centers of both strips into each other.
5. Stick the two middle layer strips together to form a T-shape. For this layer both

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Create the Lid

1. To create the base of the lid, cut two squares of Duck Tape® that measure 5 in. x 5 in. Next, cut two strips that measure 17 in. in length.

2. Stick the two squares toge

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Need more details? Check out the full Duck Tape® Teacher Gift Box tutorial and the rest of