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For this project, we teamed up with Jennifer from The Craft Patch, who loves to share creative ideas and inspiration for everyone!

To get started, Jennifer gathered the following supplies:

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Create the Box

1. Create two strips of Duck Tape® that measure 3 in. x 15 in., these strips will make up the inside layer of the box. For each strip, simply cut the tape to the above length and layer the tape side-by-side to make the correct width. Flip over the strips sticky-side-up and fold both ends in 3 in. from the edge of the tape. This should leave only a sticky square in the middle of the strip.

2. For the middle layer, make two more strips that measure 3.75 in. x 17.5 in. Flip over the strips sticky-side-up and fold the ends in 3.75 in. from the edge of the tape.

3. For the outside layer, make two final strips that measure 4 in. x 20 in. Flip over the strips sticky-side-up and fold the ends in 4 in. from the edge of the tape.

Quick tip: you can add more layers, just be sure to adjust the size of the strips.

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4. Stick the two outside layer strips together to form a T-shape by pressing the sticky centers of both strips into each other.
5. Stick the two middle layer strips together to form a T-shape. For this layer both sticky centers will be facing up instead of into each other.
6. Repeat step 5 with the inside layer strips. You should have three different sized T-shaped pieces after this step.
7. Time to assemble the box! Press the middle layer sticky-side- down to the outside layer. Finish by pressing the inside layer sticky-side-down into the middle layer. The strips should all stack neatly onto one another.

Box Inside Full Res

Create the Lid

1. To create the base of the lid, cut two squares of Duck Tape® that measure 5 in. x 5 in. Next, cut two strips that measure 17 in. in length.

2. Stick the two squares together so that both smooth sides are facing out. Cut the corners so that there is one small square (no bigger than a dime) cut out of each corner. This turns the sides of the square into four flaps almost like a t-shape.

3. Lay one strip facing sticky-side-up and place the other strip on top about 1/2 in. below the upper edge. Fold over one sticky edge and leave the other sticky edge alone.

4. Line up the strip with the base square. Working all along the four sides, fold up the flaps and press them to the remaining sticky edge of the strip. This will create the perfect lid to cover your box.

5. Personalize! Add your favorite pictures from the school year or write a personal note.

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