Teachers who guide the students of The Lady Cans, an all-girls robotics team from Austin, Texas, say many girls have an idea in the backs of their minds that they’re not good at robotics, but nothing could be further from the truth. “They just need courage and confidence to get over that stereotype that someone has stuck on them.”

While they’re unsticking that stereotype, Duck Tape is helping them stick their dreams and goals together by helping them assemble Duck Tape bow ties and prototypes that become working metal machines … and then Duck Tape is used to decorate the robots.

Each winter, Lady Cans build a robot and compete in the FIRST robotics competition, during which they have six weeks to design, program and build an entire robot. Students describe the experience as “empowering.” “It’s like a magic weapon. Once you know how to build a robot, once you’re comfortable in the STEM world, it’s like nothing can stop you. That’s your power. You can go and do anything you want to,” says one student.