Hack #1 New Paint Roller

Fresh paint rollers can leave fuzz and other debris on your freshly painted walls. Use Duck Tape® to remove loose fibers for a smooth finish.

Duck Tape Hack - Clean Paint Roller

Hack #2 Stripped Screw Hole

Trying to remove a stripped screw? Add a piece of duct tape on top of the screw to give your drill a little more gripping power.

Duck Tape Hack - Stripped Screw

Hack #3 Messy Caulk Tube

Open caulk tubes can become messy very quickly, not to mention dry out. Use a piece of duct tape to seal any opened tubes.

Pro Tip: Poke a hole in the tape for easy storage.

Duck Tape Hack - Seal Caulk Tube

Hack #4 Easy Cup Holder

Need an extra cupholder in your car, or during a home project? Use the core of a duct tape roll for an easy solution.

Duck Tape Hack - Cup Holder