#1 Cover Scratches On A Wagon

Does your child's wagon have sharp scratches or other wear and tear wounds? Use color Duck Tape® to cover damaged areas.

Man repairing red wagon with red duct tape

#2 Fix A Tear In Your Tent

Duct tape can save the day on your next camping adventure. Apply to a tear in your tent for a temporary fix.

Man repairing yellow tent with yellow duct tape

#3 Patch A Hole On Ski Pants

Ready for a weekend away only to find a hole in your ski pants? Find duct tape in a similar color for a quick solution.

Man repairing black ski paints with black duct tape

#4 Repair A Ripped Tarp

Use color duct tape to cover a rip in your outdoor tarp for a fast fix.

Man repairing green outdoor tarp with green duct tape