To get started, clean the bathtub surface with a residue-free household cleaner. Then, fill the tub with about a quarter inch of water.

Place the mat into the tub with the suction cups facing down. Next, press down firmly onto each suction cup with your hands to secure the mat in place.

Use your hands to lift and tug on the edges of the mat to make sure it is secure before stepping onto the mat. If the bath mat slides while lifting or tugging, press down on the suction cups again before re-testing.

Finally, step carefully onto the mat. Rinse the mat on both sides after each use and remove the mat from the tub to let dry. Make sure to clean the mat regularly to aid against build-up of slippery residue. And, always check the suction secureness of the bath mat before each use.

Warning: Never use on uneven, textured, tiled or non-smooth surfaces. Do not use any bath oils as it may cause slipping. Hang to dry after each use.