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5 Ways to Organize Your Bathroom with Solid Grip EasyLiner® Shelf Liner

5 Ways to Organize Your Bathroom with Solid Grip EasyLiner® Shelf Liner

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Jessica Litman — known as “The Organized Mama” and recognized by People.com as an “organizing and DIY expert” — has been encouraging families to not only embrace their homes but also how to incorporate fun-and-easy home organizational habits that every family member can do. As an online personality and teacher, her work has been featured in Today.com, Better Homes and Gardens, Parents Magazine, Apartment Therapy and The Spruce. And her book, Home Sweet Organized Home, is available at a bookstore near you.

According to Jessica, from The Organized Mama, the number one trick for keeping items in place around the bathroom is shelf liner. But, not just any liner will do. Only Solid Grip EasyLiner® Brand Shelf Liner gets the job done to hold drawer organizers, dividers and under-the-sink supplies in place.

Here are her top five tips for using non-adhesive Solid Grip shelf liner in the bathroom:

  1. Drawers. Line bathroom drawers to keep everything in place and from moving around when opening or shutting your vanity drawers.
  2. Under the Sink. Use Solid Grip EasyLiner® Brand Shelf Liner with Clorox®to protect the under the sink area while also making sure items stay in place.
  3. Wire Shelves. Line all of the wire shelves in your linen closet with shelf liner so items don't fall through the gaps between the wires.
  4. Pullout Drawers. These drawers are always being pulled in and out, so a little shelf liner goes a long way to keep everything in place.
  5. Storage Bins. Save scraps and small pieces of Solid grip to line the inside of storage bins to stay extra organized.

Pro Tip: When lining bathroom drawers, Jessica suggests using a lighter shelf liner color, especially in kids' bathrooms.

Cutting Shelf Liner to Size

Ready to start your bathroom organizing project? Jessica uses one of the methods below to cut the non-adhesive shelf liner to the right size:

  1. Straight Forward & Precise. Use a ruler to measure the size of the drawer. Then use a yard stick to cut straight lines in the dimensions you measured.
  2. Use Tiles as Templates. Place one side of the liner in the drawer. Fold the other side of the liner over to create a crease. Using the grout lines on your tile, cut the liner on the fold by using the grout lines as a way to keep the cut straight.
  3. Small Drawers or Tight Spaces. Eyeball the entire process. Really small drawers can be so difficult to get liner the perfect size. So, measure roughly how wide the drawer is using the liner and cut the liner. Then place the liner inside the drawer. Next, fold the pieces over each other to create creases on the shelf liner and cut off the excess.

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