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Keep Small Closets Clutter-Free With This Organization Hack

Keep Small Closets Clutter-Free With This Organization Hack

Abby Organizes homegym author

Abby Lawson is the organizing expert behind Abby Organizes and justagirlandherblog.com, where she shares functional and beautiful organization and decorating ideas to help women create a home that they and their families truly love.

A small closet can create a lot of clutter and disorganization if not managed properly. But with the right tools and techniques, you can ensure your small closet always looks neat and organized.

When organizing her small guest bedroom closet, Abby, from Abby Organizes, uses Duck® Brand EasyMounts™ Heavy-Duty Drywall Hooks and a hanging closet organizer.

Only EasyMounts brings you the convenience of adhesive and the security of pins, without the use of tools. Everything you need is right in the package! Just stick, pin and slide.

Once the hooks are in place, it’s time to hang the organizer. Abby used the bottom section of the organizer to hold extra cleaning supplies. For the top section, she used two small bins to split up the pockets to hold smaller household essentials.

With the help of EasyMounts and a hanging closet organizer, Abby was able to convert her cramped guest room closet into a tidy and well-organized storage area.

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