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Organizing Home Gym Accessories

Organizing Home Gym Accessories

Abby Organizes homegym author

Abby from @AbbyOrganizes shows how her home gym accessories were tricky to store, but Duck® Brand Max Strength Reusable Tie Straps saved the day!

Gather up any gym equipment that needs to be organized. This can be anything from hurdles to exercise straps and other small accessories to bands, cords, and more.

Wrap the Duck® Brand Reusable Tie Strap around the item(s) you want to organize, and slide the tail of the strap through the two holes provided to secure it. Use as many tie straps as necessary to corral the equipment.

If you wish to hang the equipment, after sliding the tail of the strap through the first hole, leave a loop at the top as you pull the tail through the second hole to provide a way to hang it. [See the photo of the exercise straps as an example.]

Another way to hang the equipment is to attach a second Reusable Tie Strap to the first one. Then loop the extra tie strap around a pole, over a hook, or through an opening. Feed the tail of the tie strap through one of the notches provided on the shaft of the strap and pull it tight to hold it in place. [See the photo of the extension cord as an example.]

Once all of your items are corralled, you can enjoy your newly organized home gym!

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