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Quick Photo Wall Hack with Nano-Grab®

Quick Photo Wall Hack with Nano-Grab®

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Chelsie Moody, owner of Simply Better Organization, has been in business for 3.5 years now. She has always been an organizer, but she now has a passion for helping others create calm in their lives through organization. She is married and has 4 kids. She loves to travel, read, and watch Netflix. She doesn't like to cook - luckily her husband does.

For this project Chelsie, from Simply Better Organization, shares an easy décor mounting hack using Duck Max Strength® Nano-Grab® Gel Tape.

Perfect for temporary and permanent projects at home, Duck Max Strength® Nano-Grab® holds up to 20 lb. per five foot roll and can be used on a variety of surfaces, including painted drywall, wood, glass, tile, metal, stone and brick. This versatile gel tape offers a quick and easy way to add décor to a space or repair items without leaving behind a sticky residue.

For her photo wall, Chelsie used photos printed on foam-board and mounted them with Duck Max Strength® Nano-Grab® Die Cut Circles. These nano tape die cut circles come in convenient pre-cut 1 inch circles of Duck Max Strength® Nano-Grab® gel nano tape for easy application – no scissors needed!

By placing one pre-cut gel tape circle on each of the back corners of the photos, Chelsie was able to mount all of her photos to create a family photo wall.

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