Step 1

Step One: Clean Make sure to clean your surface before you tape, by using a damp rag and a couple drops of dish soap mixed in a bucket of warm water.

Step 2

Step Two: Choose your tape It’s important to choose which painter’s tape you’ll need for your project. Professional Painter’s Tape has a 3-day removal, high adhesion and works great on durable surfaces. Clean Release® Multiple Surface Painter’s Tape has a 14-day removal, medium adhesion and can be used for multiple, durable surfaces including painted walls and trim.


Step 3

Step Three: Tape up Tape any areas on your surface you want to keep paint-free. For best results, tape in a 1-2” sections to avoid stretching the tape.


Step 4

Step Four: Burnish Burnish the tape’s edge with a plastic tool like a putty knife or credit card to ensure good adhesion.

Step 5

Step Five: Paint Paint your surface.


Step 6

Step Six: Remove your tape For best results, remove the tape while the paint is still wet, making sure to slowly pull at a 45°angle. If you’re paint has dried, score along the painted edge of the tape to avoid pulling back any paint as you remove the tape.

Step 7

No matter what the project, Duck® brand painter’s tape is an easy way for contractors and home DIYers to get professional results.

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