White Smooth Top liner is in cabinet under pans

Cleaning and organizing the kitchen can take a lot of time, but there are things you can do to make it simpler. Plus, once you have everything set up, it's easier to keep it clean and organized. Things like small storage containers, kitchen accessories

Smooth Shelf Liner in Cupboards

Applying Smooth Top® EasyLiner® in your cupboards instantly brightens the inside of what can sometimes be a dark space. Plus, it makes it easier to slide items across the smooth surface.

  • The underside has a non-adhesive grip bottom, so it stays put in your cupboard without leaving a sticky residue.
  • The smooth surface wipes clean and lets your most frequently used dishes, glasses and pans slide easily when you get them out and put them away each day.
  • Smooth Top EasyLiner is removable but stays in place until you choose to move it.

Gripping Shelf Liner in Drawers

For items you don't want to move frequently — and those that are delicate — thick, soft, gripping shelf liner such as Select Grip™ EasyLiner® Brand Shelf Liner is a great solution. The extra cushioning keeps utensils and other contents from shifting in the drawer and the shelf liner is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Clear Shelf Liner for Refrigerators

Refrigerator shelves and drawers can be challenging to keep clean, but Clear Classic™ EasyLiner® can help. This durable and water-resistant shelf liner keeps surfaces protected, while the clear design lets light pass through to the surface below. Plus, it’s food and dishwasher safe.

Clear Classic liner being placed over a shelf in the refrigerator

Coordinate the Entire Look

Stay organized and maintain your style. To get started, find the right EasyLiner® Shelf Liner technology for the surfaces you are trying to coordinate. Then, match up colors and patterns to create a themed look. Check out the uses below and the corresponding Easy Liner product that will get the job done:

  • Select Grip™ or Smooth Top® Shelf Liner for cabinets and drawers
  • Clear Classic® EasyLiner® for wire shelves and refrigerators
  • Solid Grip™ EasyLiner® for closets

With a variety of solid colors and patterns to choose from, the organization possibilities are endless!