EZ Start packing tape on a box

Before packing things away for storage, check out these 9 tips to get rid of the clutter and stay organized.

Fill Boxes To The Max

Remember that the more you put in a box, the sturdier it will be. If a box isn’t full, there’s a better chance that it will collapse when something is placed on top of it.

Distribute The Weight

When packing up boxes, don’t forget to distribute the weight of your items evenly to make the boxes easier to lift. This will also make your boxes sturdier.

Let Furniture Dry

If you use cleaning sprays on furniture, let it dry thoroughly because the moisture can cause mold growth while in storage.

Cover Furniture

Cover furniture with cotton drop cloths or canvas tarps to keep dust off and allow for airflow; make sure no fabric from furniture or covers is touching the floor.

Place Fragile Items On Top

Make sure that you place items that are more breakable on top of your stacked items because there’s a chance they could get crushed if you put them on the bottom.

No More Than Four

As a general rule of thumb, try not to stack things more than four large boxes high. It’s important that you spend time planning beforehand where the best places are to store your items to make sure your items are safe.

Visit The Unit Beforehand

By visiting your potential storage unit in person, you’ll get a better visual sense of the storage space that you have to work with beyond just the actual measurements of the space.

Put A Lid On It

Anything that’s not in a container will get dusty. If possible, use stretch wrap, furniture covers, dust covers of any kind, etc. to protect the surfaces of your items.

Disassemble Beds And Tables

Disassemble any furniture that you can like beds and tables to maximize space. Wrap table legs in moving blankets or Duck® Brand Bubble Wrap® Cushioning for optimal storage. If you can’t disassemble a table, place the surface of the table on the ground with the legs pointing upwards to save space.

As long as you plan ahead, try to stay organized, and follow tips like these, you’ll be surprised by how quick and painless your move actually will be!