DIY for Beginners: How to Paint a Room

If you’re new to DIY, painting is a great way to get started. With just four simple steps, you can be off and running and painting like a real pro. Here’s how to do it:

1. Get the right supplies

By doing things yourself, you save a ton of labor costs. So put some of that savings into a quality set of brushes and rollers to get the job done right. And be sure to add some Duck® brand painter's tape to your toolkit – a little of this tape goes a long way toward achieving amazing results.

2. Prep the Walls

Don’t just walk into a room and start slapping on the paint. Clean walls are essential, so take some time to carefully clean the walls. It ma seem like a silly step, but it’s worth it. Use a sponge and scrub the walls with warm water and a mild dish detergent. This will remove dust, fingerprints and greasy spots that cold mar your paint job. Don't start painting until the walls completely dry.

3. Prime the Walls

Before you reach for the paint, reach for the primer. Why? Because a coat of primer will help paint adhere and give you that smooth finish you’re looking for. A good primer also adds some sheen to the final job. Primer goes on just like paint – use a roller for broad sections of wall and a brush for the tight spots. Let the primer dry for at least three hours before you paint.

4. Get Painting

You’re finally ready to get to painting. So pop open the can, give your paint a good, thorough stir and get down to business. Be sure to:

  • Use your brush for nooks and crannies that the roller can’t reach – around trim and in the corners.
  • Use the “W” technique with your roller: start painting near a wall corner, and roll on your paint big “W” patterns across the surface. Then fill in the gaps without lifting the roller unless more paint is needed.

Congratulations! You’ve just graduated from Painting Basics with full honors! Now you’re ready to go out and make some home improvements.