Hack #1 Teacher's Desk Makeover

Add style to a dull desk with fun and fashionable Adhesive Prints shelf liner.

Shelf liner on teacher's desk

Hack #2 Filing Cabinet Support

Use Select Grip EasyLiner® on top of filing cabinets to keep items from moving or falling.

Shelf liner on filing cabinet

Hack #3 DIY Sanitizer Station

Create an easy-to-clean sniffle station with Smooth Top® shelf liner.

Shelf liner around sink area

Hack #4 Laminate Name Tags

Cover name tags with Clear Laminate EasyLiner® so they can moved or removed, and still last all year long.

Laminate shelf liner on name tags

Hack #5 Pet Cage Clean-Up

Keep classroom pet messes contained with Solid Grip shelf liner under the cage for easy clean up.

Shelf liner under pet cage