An assortment of packing and shipping products on a kitchen counter.

Before you start packing for a big move, make sure you check out these tips to ensure that your next packing experience will be a breeze.

Tape an “X” across the surface of mirrors and glass frames

This will not prevent your mirror from breaking but might help keep the glass in the frame in case it’s dropped or shuffled in the moving truck.

Take a photo of your cords

Before you disconnect them to be boxed up, take a quick picture of the cords on the back of your television and other electronics so that you can remember where they all go.

Use rolling luggage

If you have them, use your rolling luggage bags for really heavy items like books. Then, you can avoid the heavy lifting and simply roll the bags onto your moving truck.

Putting hanging clothes in large garbage bags

Put garbage bags over the top of hanging clothes and poke a hole at the top for the hangers. Tie the hangers together at the top with a piece of string or a rubber band to keep them all together and then tie the bottom of the plastic bag together to prevent the bag from dragging on the ground.

Make a packing supplies bucket

This way you can carry it around with you and have everything at your fingertips. You might want to include: packing tape, duct tape, permanent markers, a utility knife, etc.

Use packaging tape to keep track of screws, nuts, and bolts

Use packing tape (and small plastic bags if you need them) to attach screws, nuts, and bolts to the bottom of furniture that you’re disassembling to prevent losing those small, essential pieces.

Plastic wrap your drawers and chests

Use stretch wrap so you can leave all the contents inside the drawers without worrying about the drawers sliding open. It’s a perfect way to save storage space.

Pack your plates vertically like records

They’ll be less likely to break if you pack them this way rather than packing them all horizontally.

Number your boxes

Write a number on all your boxes and keep a list of what is in each box to ensure that you don’t lose a box and if you do, you’ll know exactly what was in it.

Document and appraise any valuables

Do this before you move in case any of your more expensive items get lost or damaged by movers. Take photos as well to note any existing scratches, dings, or damage of any kind.

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to moving and packing, especially if it’s your first time, is to stay calm and patient and know that things may go wrong and that’s perfectly normal. As long as you stay organized and follow tips like these, your move is sure to be a success!