15 Moving Tips: Best Ways to Pack Efficiently

The best way to pack is to plan ahead and be efficient. If you want to have the most successful, stress-free experience, check out this list of packing tips that’ll keep you organized and ready to go.

  1. Try to pack all your electronic devices like TVs in their original boxes.
  2. Make sure that you pack boxes by room, so you can avoid mixing items from all different rooms.
  3. Use large boxes for lighter items and small boxes for heavier items. It sounds counter-intuitive, but this is the best way to do it. For example, a large box filled with just books will likely become way too heavy.
  4. If possible, try to avoid using printed newspaper to wrap things because the ink can bleed onto your items.
  5. Apart from electronics, avoid reusing boxes. If you try to get away with using used boxes, the boxes are more likely to collapse or break. Using new boxes will ensure that your items will have the proper support and protection.
  6. Don’t use duct tape to pack cardboard boxes, use packing tape.
  7. Clearly label all boxes on top and side. Label them with things like what room they are going to, whether they are fragile, this side up, etc.
  8. Always tape boxes rather than interlocking the flaps. Taping the boxes shut with packing tape will ensure that nothing will fall out and it will be a much better way to stack your boxes in the moving truck.
  9. Don’t use boxes that are missing flaps. If they don’t have flaps that are able to be taped down, this will make it impossible to store in the truck.
  10. Make sure to use the right packing tape and box for your items and follow the proper instructions when using your tape dispenser.
  11. Start packing several weeks or months before your big move. Packing always takes longer than expected, especially when you start to realize just how much stuff you actually have and you’re going to need to take the time to donate, sell, or discard some of your items.
  12. Make sure to disassemble any furniture that you can ahead of time. Remove feet or legs from tables and other furniture, take lampshades off of the base, etc. This will make the loading and unloading process much smoother.
  13. Make sure that you try to box items together of the same weight and size. Putting unlike items in the same box will mean that it will take you much longer to pack and unpack your boxes. Also, if you try to distribute the weight of the box contents evenly, this can lessen the chances of boxes breaking open.
  14. If you have a lot of electrical cords, make sure you wind and fasten them all, so they don’t turn into a big, tangled mess.
  15. Don’t pack your records or important documents into boxes that are going into the moving truck.