Plates wrapped in bubble wrap.

During a move, not all valuables are created equal. Yes, that coffee maker is expensive. But that antique photo of your great grand parents in the 150-year-old frame? You can’t just order another one of those online.

It’s stressful to transport those irreplaceable items during a big move, but keeping them safe can be a breeze. Here’s the secret: it’s all about the bubble. Follow these pro packing tips, and your one-of-a-kind items will get there safe every time.

1. Bubble Size Matters

This isn’t one-size-fits-all. Duck® Brand Small Bubble Cushioning Wrap is best for small to medium sized items, while Duck® Max Strength™ Large Bubble Cushioning Wrap is great for those bigger items that need a little extra cushioning.

2. Do the Bubbles Face Inside or Out?

Let’s settle this question once and for all: always place the bubble side closest to the item, and the smooth side on the outside of the wrapping. That way, the maximum absorption from anything is on the side closest to the item to be protected.

3. Bubble is important, but wrap is Operative Word

Don’t leave an open edge – when you’re using Bubble Cushioning Wrap, you really need to wrap all the way around. Any openings could leave corners vulnerable to damage. Or worse, the item could slip out from the wrapping altogether.

4. Label Valuable Item as Valuable!

It’s fragile. It’s irreplaceable. So don’t make that a secret! Be sure to label this item in big bold letters so movers and family members know that the package needs special care.