Published: April 12, 2023

AVON, Ohio (April 12, 2023)— Shurtape Technologies, LLC, announced today that the Duck Brand Honeycomb Recyclable Mailers from its sustainable shipping brand Flourish™ were named as a winner in the Good Housekeeping’s 2023 Sustainable Innovation Awards.

Launched in April 2022 to give consumers and businesses an easy, affordable and eco-friendly choice for mailing supplies, the Flourish™ brand offers simple and sustainable everyday shipping products that are made of 10% to 100% recycled materials and are recyclable through municipal curbside programs. Winning under the ‘Waste Busters’ award category, the recyclable Honeycomb Mailers are made of 10% recycled content and feature a unique die-cut honeycomb layer that creates cushioning to ensure items are protected during shipment.

“We are so excited that our Flourish™ Honeycomb Mailers have been named a winner of this prestigious award,” said Natalie Guillaume, senior product manager at Shurtape Technologies, LLC, the company that markets Flourish™ brand. “This line of products offers solutions that help consumers be more environmentally responsible while still offering the quality and performance required to keep items safe while mailing and shipping. We are incredibly proud to have our padded, recyclable mailers recognized by Good Housekeeping.”

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