Published: April 21, 2010

AVON, Ohio (April 21, 2010) – Each year, many homeowners take on the task of winterizing their homes, locating problem areas where drafts are abundant and warm air may be escaping. While it’s become common practice to prepare for the cold months, many homeowners are overlooking the fact that the drafts they seal against in the winter may be causing their air conditioners to turn on more than normal over the hot summer months as well.

Weatherstripping – whether it’s for the cold winter or warm summer months – has quickly become a cost-effective and approachable DIY project. Many weatherization products, like those offered by Duck® brand products, are easy to install over a day or even a weekend, and could produce energy savings almost immediately.

While it may seem a bit difficult to locate the source of cool air leakage over the summer, there are a few places that should be at the top of the list to check:

Windows: One of the two most common places to find air leaks, cracks around windows can contribute to energy and cool air loss. Duck® brand offers both foam and rubber window seal solutions, which can help stop the drafts.

Doors: A second common place to find air leaks, a gap between the door bottom and threshold can also let in unwanted dust, pollen and even insects. To stop the cool air and energy savings from escaping, seal the gap using a product like the Duck® brand Door Bottom Seal, which is easy to install, durable and strong.

Window air conditioning units: You may think it’s keeping your space cool, but it may also be the culprit behind warm air seeping into your home. Window units may not always fit perfectly in the opening, creating small gaps that can allow warm, humid air in and cool air out. Check around your unit for problem areas – if you find an issue, look for an insulating seal or side insulating panels to correct the issue. Duck® brand products has an array of air conditioner products that can be customized to your need and size, and in some cases, can also help reduce vibration and noise.

Hidden areas: Behind-the-scenes places, like electrical sockets, can be a surprising source of energy loss. However, this can easily be prevented with a product like Duck® brand Socket Sealers®, which are quick to install by simply removing the plastic plate cover, slipping a foam seal inside the plate cover and reattaching. Socket Sealers® help reduce the amount of cool air escaping, while preventing warm air from entering.

With easy DIY products like these, weatherization has become accessible to homeowners. Perhaps this year, many will do more than just adjust the thermostat to prepare for the change in weather, reaping the energy savings all season long.

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