Published: July 11, 2014

AVON, Ohio (July 2014) – With a million and one uses and counting, duct tape is considered to be a general purpose tool that’s perfect for temporary repairs; but, some projects require something a little more specific to the application. Whether you need a quick fix for around-the-house maintenance or a fix-all that’s tough enough to meet the demands of your heavy-duty projects, Duck® brand duct tape has a solution for you. Now, the brand is expanding its repair and project Duck Tape® offering with new Max Strength and No Residue Duck Tape® options.

Max Strength Duck Tape®

Some projects require extra strength and durability – new thicker, stronger Max Strength Duck Tape® is tough on projects, but not your wallet. A premium-grade Duck Tape® designed specifically for heavy-duty and industrial applications, this UV-resistant, all-weather option offers superior adhesion, strength and flexibility. Max Strength Duck Tape® is recommended for indoor and outdoor use, and is available in a selection of colors for discrete use and repair.

No Residue Duck Tape®

For those projects where it’s imperative a messy residue not be left behind, No Residue Duck Tape® offers a strong hold, with the added benefit of clean removal for up to six months. Ideal for long-term, heavy-duty indoor and outdoor applications, No Residue Duck Tape® features a UV-resistant, specialty adhesive that allows it to remove – without leaving behind a residue – from most opaque surfaces for up to six months. It’s recommended for bundling, hanging, masking and other repair applications, such as bundling cords and hoses in the garage, securing cables and mats, abatement masking and more.

Like the rest of the Duck Tape® repair and project line, these tapes are easy to tear, will not curl and are conformable to a variety of surfaces. For more information about Duck Tape®, visit



An American original, Duck® brand is known for its quality and innovation, which now includes a vibrant assortment of hundreds of colors, designs and licenses. Duck Tape® brand duct tape is available nationally at mass merchandise, craft, hardware, home center, food, drug, office, auto and specialty retailers in colors like aqua, fluorescent green, pink, orange and yellow, and designs such as Gummy Bears, Cheetah Kisses and Galaxy.

Duck Tape® is marketed by ShurTech Brands, LLC, and the Duck® brand, which offers an array of tapes, packaging supplies and home products that provide simple, imaginative and helpful solutions for a variety of tasks around the home, school and office. Visit for additional product information. And, keep up-to-date on Duck® brand news by joining our more than 5.8 million fans on Facebook®(, following us on Twitter® (@theduckbrand), following our boards on Pinterest®( or watching us on YouTube® (


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