Two Duck Tape fabric pieces however wide you need for your device

Step 1

Make two Duck Tape® fabric pieces, one 10 in. long and the other 8 in. long.

Tape folded over the top of the smaller piece of fabric so that there is tape on both sides and forms a border. Tape is then added as a border around all sides of the smaller sheet and around the sides and bottom of the larger sheet

Step 2

Wrap the top of the smaller fabric with tape.

smaller sheet attached to the larger sheet with tape

Step 3

Attach the 2 pieces of fabric together to form your pocket.

Piece of Duck Tape fabric cut into a square

Step 4

Cut out a piece of fabric that is 3.5 in. long and 4 in. wide. This is your phone pocket.

Four small rectangles of Duck Tape and two short pieces of elastic band

Step 5

Cut four 1.5 in. strip of tape and two 2 in. long elastic bands.

tape from previous step placed on either ends of the elastic strips so that there is a small amount of elastic visible on the middle of either side

Step 6

Place a strip of tape on either side of your elastic band, with a little band showing in the middle. This is your headphone strap.

on a piece of Duck Tape, draw eyes and cut them out

Step 7

Draw and cut out your eyes.

on a piece of Duck tape draw a nose and cut it out

Step 8

Draw and cut out your nose.

Eyes and tongue outlines cut out of black Duck Tape

Step 9

With your eyes from step 7 as a guide, cut out the outline for your eyes and tongue.

On a folded sheet of Duck Tape, so that your cuts will be mirrored, draw a shadow to the facial features made previously

Step 10

Fold a sheet in half and cut out the shadows for your face so they are symmetrical.

On a Duck Tape sheet, cut out the shape of the animals face

Step 11

Cut out your animal face.

layer the facial features so that there is three levels

Step 12

Start assembling the animal face.

On the back of the face cutout from step 11, cover the bottom 3/4s of the sheet

Step 13

Flip over the face and cover three fourths of the way up.

Attach the face to the larger sheet of the pouch with the sticky side that sticks out from the top of the face

Step 14

Attach the face to the higher side of the pocket using a sheet, making sure the sheet covers past the top of the ears. Trim off excess.

Phone pocket piece from step 4 with a piece of Duck Tape folded over the top to form a border

Step 15

Take your phone pocket from step 4 and trim the top edge.

headphone strap from step 6 attached to the front of the phone pocket from the previous step and add a border around the pocket

Step 16

Tape your headphone strap to your phone pocket and make a border around the other edges.

Phone pocket from the previous step attached to the front center of the larger pouch

Step 17

Attach your phone pocket to your piece from step 14.