Last minute doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are 5 costume ideas with Duck Tape® for your kids without even buying a costume.

1. Combine a plaid shirt with a DIY tool belt with duct tape covered tools to make a simple costume.

A child wearing a costume and tool belt made of Duck Tape
A tool belt made of Duck Tape holding toy tools

2. Add duct tape ears to a headband to make a unique cat costume. Check out how to make it

A woman dressed up as a cat and wearing Duck Tape cat ears.

3. T-shirt costumes are an easy way to make a homemade, inexpensive costume. With a black shirt and pants, add white duct tape strips as bones to make a spooky skeleton.

tA child wearing a skeleton costume made out of a black shirt and white Duck Tape

4. Need accessories? Cover foam with duct tape to make a fun and safe sword and shield for a knight costume.

A toy sword and shield made out of Duck Tape.
A child dressed up in a knight costume made out of Duck Tape.

5. A little more involved, form an airplane out of cardboard or foam and cover it with duct tape to make an airplane.

A child wearing a plane costume made out of Duck Tape.

6. Cut out superhero masks out of cardstock or paper and add string. To see how to make it, check out this

Two super hero eye masks made out of Duck Tape.

7. Every superhero needs accessories, right? Match your masks above with cuffs made out of duct tape and toilet paper.

Two super hero wrist cuffs made out of Duck Tape.

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