1. Cover tote bags with your favorite duct tape and design.

Candy bag with a Duck Tape skull decoration on it.

2. Put a spin on the classic trick or treat bag with a paper bag and duct tape. Check out how to make it

Halloween candy bag decorated with colored Duck Tape.

3. Create a classic and colorful jack-o-lantern face on the front of a bag made entirely out of duct tape.

A orange Halloween candy back decorated as a pumpkin.

4. Use Glow-in-the-Dark Duck Tape® to make a bag that your kids can take even when it gets dark outside.

Two Halloween candy bags, decorated with glow in the dark and Colored Duck tape.

5. Use leftover paper grocery bags to make a simple pumpkin trick or treat bag.

A trick or treat candy bag decorated as a jack-o-lantern.

6. Make a durable duct tape bag with custom handles. Check out this step-by-step tutorial

A black and green Trick or Treat bag decorated with colored Duck Tape.

7. Cover a bucket with duct tape to make a bag that matches your kid’s costume.

A trick or treat candy bucket decorated as a skeleton skull.

8. Want to go for a more friendly bag? Make monster faces with a tote or duct tape bag.

A purple duck tape halloween bag.

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